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Randolph Meiklejohn's Letter to the Editor

Please read this Letter to the Editor!

I’m writing to express my support for Puja Mehta’s candidacy for trustee of the Public Library, and to encourage other Brookline voters to find out more about her and how she could serve our community in town-wide office.I know Puja as a neighbor in Precinct 5, where we are both Town Meeting members and, as of this January, both directors of the new Greater Point Neighborhood Association. I’m grateful to her for stepping into these roles even as a relatively new resident and busy parent, and for the intelligence, consensus-building skills and personal warmth she brings to our discussions. Puja is committed to the quality of life in our neighborhood and in Brookline, and she has a demonstrated capacity for community leadership and for the public decision-making process. We would all greatly benefit from her representing us as a Brookline Library trustee. 

Join me in supporting Puja Mehta for library trustee and please vote for her on Tuesday, April 30. 

— Randolph Meiklejohn, Cypress Street

Committee to Elect Puja Mehta
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