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Stanley Spiegel's Letter to the Editor

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Brookline — This year’s library trustee election is contested, with three incumbents and two newcomers competing for four available seats. All five candidates appear worthy, but in my view, three of them — incumbents Michael Burstein and Jennifer Rees, plus newcomer Puja Mehta — stand out for their unwavering support of keeping the library open on every summer Sunday last year.

Trustees Burstein and Rees (along with Trustee Gary Jones, who is not up for election this year) have for years advocated for summer Sunday library openings and had urged the Board of Library Trustees to keep the library open on every Sunday last summer at a time when other trustees were willing to have the library remain closed during Sundays in August.

Candidate Mehta, who ran unsuccessfully in last year’s trustee election, had also campaigned vigorously for keeping the library open on every Sunday last summer, and as a Town Meeting member she, along with TMMs Burstein and Jones (Rees is not a TMM) had voted to provide the necessary funding.  As we know, Town Meeting did vote for the necessary funding, the trustees did agree to keep the library open on Sundays all last summer, and this turned out to be a resounding success and a great benefit for many Brookline residents, so much so that funds have been allocated in the town’s current budget proposal to keep the library open every Sunday for this coming summer.

Michael Burstein, Jennifer Rees, Gary Jones and Puja Mehta provided invaluable leadership on this important issue. It’s a pleasure to endorse Burstein, Rees and Mehta in this year’s library trustee election.

— Stanley Spiegel, TMM Precinct 2, Stetson Street

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